Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Been a minute....

Long story short... actually 8 month long short... I couldn't take it anymore where I was staying... I literally think I lost my mind... yeah, the dude who you'd think lost it long ago, really lost his mind this time... anyway, I was about to move back to NY... in the gist of it, I moved into a better and more realistic opportunity... now I just gotta get a job by the end of January as I will have to pay rent now... and that will enable me to stay in the state of California. If not, I'll be back in NY building my empire off of other peoples couches again. Probably won't be as easy as it sounds since I haven't a job in... well, pretty much all my life, but I just got me some Stacy Adams, black slacks and a black button down to present myself as professional (and super gay) as possible to these judgmental yuppy managers who'm I will have to "pretend" for. I'm gonna be walking into these jobs looking like the East Bay Mafia though. They can't say no to me! I'll put their head in a fuckin' vice!

I was trying to keep the no 9 to 5 job lifestyle 'til the day I die by doing the hustle through "Wasted Talent", but now I gotta revise my master plan. I'm gonna be stepping it up next year. Actually WE are gonna be stepping it up next year! That's some of the plan in the works soon to be revealed. I got soooo much shit to update everybody on. I also gotta Canon G11 with a 10' backdrop with 3 umbrella lights. So many pics to come! So many!

I just got my internet back on today after nearly 3 weeks without it. So I can't blow up the blog just yet. I still got my own catching up to do, but I leave ya with this mega dope video by Nemo from the Qee 2 Life show at Genuine Artikle. Look at my dudes Ian and Tyler reppin' so hard! You can buy their custom Qee's below here.

Shout out to Nemo, Benny, Phetus, Mr. Den, The G.A. Family, P.J. and all the artists who participated in the show!

OH... and much love to Mr. Bru Cru for showing people why I can modestly say "I'm the fuckin' best yo!" For the people who cant recognize the realness, you will soon see the potential. Check out more here.