Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Say No Update

This is the damage to Cadillac I blogged earlier about when the dope fiend hit the car while it was parked.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm all about Jesus Christ right now!

I swear I have a guardian angel or I'm truly just 1 lucky bastard. I was just told by DrilOne that I sold BOTH of my pieces for the "Into The Darkness Show" at 1:AM Gallery for $420 each. This is such great timing I almost have to start going to church. I mean SUCH great timing!

p.s. Dril, you are the mutha fuckin' man!


Friday, July 10, 2009


Looks pretty dope. The whole site is very well done and is easy to use for people like me who'd rather websites to be designed as simplistic, but still up to par with the professionalism. Check it out here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today we had some dude with a brand new white Cadillac parked outside in the driveway section of the warehouse. No joke! I MEAN NOOOOOO JOKE! A bum ass crackhead was soooo high he crashed his bicycle into the "parked" car putting a sick ass gash in the side of the car. Shit has to be at least a grand to fix. I'll get a pic of it tomorrow. Amazingly, the bum just managed to walk a straight line the other way without getting killed in broad daylight. I seen the dude 4 hours later at the corner store where they had 13+ cop cars across the street surrounding the whole block to get some guy they were chasing who managed to climb up a building onto the roof of the liquor store... and I see the junkie who hit the car in the store nodding out weaving back and forth knocking shit off the racks and shit. I love Oakland! Don't get it twisted, my opportunities outshine the ghetto lifestyle. I'm gonna be a mutha fuckin' maniac with a million bucks! NO MATTER WHERE I'M AT!

Also, I gotta 50/50 chance of going to San Diego Comic Con with STRANGEco. I'm still trying to find a place to sleep and shower on the 23rd to the 26th, so contact me if you got any hook ups with hotels or want some cool company for a few days. I'll be the guy on the couch.

I leave you with a pic of a custom "Wasted Talent" Shikito. Also check out Super Duex. His work is dope!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is what happens...

When people steal.

Let it be a lesson to ya!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

So my week consisted of finding out MJ is dead, I seen a woman that got stabbed screaming and chasing some dude who stabbed her, who then got arrested 10 feet from my door of my new place, got dicked around by Comcast for a week and a half transferring the internet to our new place, moved in everything and fixed up a lot of shit. Pics to come soon. Shit is gonna be so pimp!

Friday, Derek took me around to a bunch of art galleries after the Art Murmur where I got pretty fuckin' wasted off all the free alcohol from every spot we went. I dunno exactly the names of every gallery I went to, but I saw some really cool art and met some cool people who I'm sure were at first, like this arrogant free loading drunk asshole is actually the coolest guy I ever met. I was pretty ripped by the time we ended up at Lobot Gallery. They had some crazyyyyy underground shit that was so different. My favorite set was by this guy who goes by the name of Nero's Day At Disne(y)land. Extreme Animals were pretty awesome too.

I wanna Pizza Party hat!

I went home and got smoove, got the spins, went to sleep, woke up and worked on this custom skateboard I started for an upcoming custom skate deck show...

And something else for Kidrobot that I'm not showing 'til it's 100% done. Hint:It's small, medium and large.

Saturday I went to see the fireworks with Task at the Berkeley Marina where I nearly got the breath sucked right out of me it was so fucking brutally cold and windy near the water. So he decided to get smoove as the fireworks started. After they ended we walked right back towards the bridge where there was like hundreds, maybe thousands of people walking in one direction like an evacuation scene from an end of the world movie. Definitely not something I wanted to walk right into after getting blazed. That's pretty much my highlights of whenever the last time I wrote was... so yeah, back to work jerks.

Oh yeah, download Doe N Reezy's mixtape hosted by DJ Carnage 100% free here. What's better then free? Me! OWWW!!! But you can't download me, so download the mixtape.