Sunday, July 25, 2010

Da Baseline Music Video

Last Saturday was the video release party at Club Tropicana, but I don't fuck with places that won't even let ya wear a t-shirt, so I missed out on a lot of networking and fun, plus I thought it was 3 days later so I didn't even have to prepare if I wanted to bother dealing with a dress code, but here's the video for "Da Baseline" by LDJ ft. Redbone and Jim Jones also starring Redman, Freeky Zeeky, CX and 100 killas. Look for me like Waldo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Don't support pretty bitch shit! Only 2800 Krakk Street!


Download the mixtape for free and bump that real Berkeley shit to rumble your trunk without having to worry about stopping at a red light and looking like a cornball when the music your blasting has punchlines like "cause I'm a pretty bitch" and have some crazy guy come up to you and punch you in the face through the window cause that shit is crazy wack! If you had a brain, you'd know... DOWNLOAD LINK HERE

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Day In VA

Ohhhh lord, if I was only allowed to explain what I go through... so use your imaginiation for that. In the midst of all that, I managed to finish the mural for my friends new bar/restaurant "Chuggin' Rhino". I will have photos as soon as it opens up in the next few weeks. Finished my piece for Spaghetti Project's custom Qee show in Fredericksburg, VA. Without a finished piece, I headed out there with Shawn The Best and Lloyd Shanks. I didn't even go to sleep the day before I left to go and I was falling asleep the whollllle way there. From the outside, I'm sure it looked like a drunk driver for like 300 miles straight. Thankfully I didn't get fucked with by the cops or crash the car into another and got their safely. Got to my hotel which just happened to be the only place on the whole strip that took a cash deposit. Lady told me that some people are so fucking cheap that they usually say "fuck this and leave" after they ask for a $20 deposit on top of the $80 room... pathetic. Got 4 hours sleep while my sober friends had to unsober themselves. Woke up, finished spray painting my piece in the middle of the Hotel parking lot, bought a 12 pack and GPS'd my way to the show. Met Arlene and Edgar of Spaghetti Project. Some of the most down to earth people you'll ever meet. Place was real dope. Had a nice feel to it and had nice variety of insane artwork, clothing and designer toys. I met the whole crew of Beautiful Nightmare which is an upcoming clothing company which had some dope vibrant shirts, met a bunch of super talented artists, one in particular Chris Murray... assuming he's new to the toy game, he's gonna make his mark fast! Dude is nastyyyyy with the brush! Keep a look out for his work. Shout out to all the artists I met that night. Sorry if I forgot your name. Arlene made some dope spanish rice and chicken, like a fucking explosion of flavor!!! So good! After the show ended, all the artists and Spaghetti Project and friends came out to the bars down the block. This one bar we we're at this dude was out on the dance floor doing ballerina spins with some 90's choreography and than the whole fucking bar started dancing like a 1980's movie where everybody in stores and shit come out to the streets and start dancing. That's what it was like, insane. There we're these 2 sick hot girls who danced so dope that ended up being dykes... story of my life and the dude who was doing ballerina spins had a boyfriend, go figure. I didn't even shit like this in SF, but fuck it. No pun intended. I had fun, did some beers, did some pot, experienced VA lifestyle for a few hours went back to the hotel, got smoove some more and passed out. Waking my lump of shit friends up is harder than waking up your friends. BELIEVE ME! Finally... got everything together, my $20 deposit, $400 worth of Newport cartons for my friends back home and bounced back to New York. Here I am.

p.s. They actually found guys still alive from the Civil War to stand around in original uniforms to hang around and be part of theme of the show which was "The Civil War and Our Founding Fathers". Oh and when I drop some new tees, Spaghetti Project will be the first in Virginia to have it... just saying.