Saturday, June 26, 2010

R.I.P. Jason Rivera

Today I lost someone who I considered a true friend. There is so much awesome shit to say about him, but right now I'm in a loss of words. Just know that this dude was awesome and knew how to have fun. I've had 100's of fake friends tell me when I make it, they want this, that and the third. He only wanted me to bring him to the industry party. I will never have the chance to give you that opportunity now, but I promise to bring you with me everywhere I go in spirit. I will never forget you my friend. Look over me... I'm gonna twice as hard now just for you.

Thank you for believing in me.

Much love to his family and friends.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We In The Building!

Me and Shawn The Best went out to Genuine Artikle last Saturday to check out the custom Yoka Bear Tour. On the way we stopped at Sneaker Bistro Boutique who happened to be having a BBQ for a new Nike release, got some free food, copped a pair of limited edition purple Commonwealth Reebok Omni Lite Pumps so I can stunt and headed out to the toy show. Hung out with Ian and Zam of G.A., Nemo and Benny never made it, I must of missed Mr. Den by 10 minutes, but I did get to meet Kristen Goetz who is fly as fuck! Got Smoove on the rooftop with a bunch of people, met graffiti writer DASH who was mad funny without trying to be by just being crazy as fuck! Dude was huge, showing me all his battle wounds as the 1st impression greeting. Dude literally just met me and was already jokingly saying how if I keep passing the blunt around like I was, he wouldn't have to knock me out. You gotta appreciate shit like that, cause if you didn't, your obviously uptight like Alley Genna.

So we chilled there for the whole day, left at like 11pm and I stayed in Staten Island over night. A few days later I hit up LDJ's video shoot featuring Redbone and Jim Jones and a special appearance by Redman. Jimmy did his thing with chinky eyes. Redman has gotta be on of the realest dudes in the industry. Such a down to earth dude who shows support to his people for free for as long as it takes. I finally got to catch up with him 2 years later to finally give him his one of a kind custom Redman Munny. On 2 hours of sleep, I spent the whole day from like 8:30am to 12pm at the video shoot. It's quite interesting seeing how everything goes down on set, Vinny Raffa and Raquel Reed were also on set helping behind the scenes holding it down for the Nyrack! Shout to everybody I met that day, everybody I already knew, all the video vixens I love you to death and LDJ, I wish you nothing but success! Your work ethic is real. They gonna hate, but that's when you know your doing great! Riiiight? And special thanks to Brass for inviting me and Pee Wee. You knowwwww!

p.s. I'll even give the police a shout out for not shutting us down that day. You finally could see past... and that's what's up!