Friday, March 27, 2009

@ Kidrobot NYC

I now have a 1 of a kind custom 8 inch Dunny on display at Kidrobot NYC. This is my 2nd time selling my customs in Kidrobot. For $600 you can own this unique piece of art. It has 997 spikes that don't really make it a 100% easy to handle, which you shouldn't anyway since it's for display purposes only. Trust me, I've had my fair share of "OUCH!!! MOTHER FUCKER!!!" outbursts. This is the perfect piece for anybody who loves wildlife and vinyl equally as much... and you can display this anywhere.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My art gets around.

I've customized 2 D.I.Y. pieces for upcoming mini tours. The Mutt Toy by Tyler and the ILLAZILLA by TNES of Hippo Esthetics.

"Ah Shit!" Mutt Toy

"My Pet Zilla" ILLAZILLA. A lil' spin on the 1980's toy My Pet Monster. On sale here. You can check out pics from the 1st stop of the ILLAZILLA tour at APW Gallery here. Shout to Leonard for coming out with me that night.

The next show is the 1st stop of the Mutt mini tour that will also be at APW Gallery on April 3rd. Very cool place. Sure to be very cool people. Nearly every inch is covered with a canvas except the areas separated for personal show casings. Go check it out. I might be there...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's alive...

Well... it's been 3 years and I managed to get this far without a blog or website. The website is still in the works, but this is the beginning of the blog for Wasted Talent. I never did this type of thing before, but if can keep shit up to date as much as I want, it should be pretty dope. I'm pretty sure it will be different then other blogs. I'll only be posting shit that involves my restless attempt to come up in the world of creativity or shit that interests me in general and I won't sugar coat anything. Everything from fashion to art to music to food. You know, same shit every other blog you read about posts, but much more of an eclectic version. I'm not your regular ol' Joe. My interests range very wide, but very few to the what I'd call the "norm". You'll never get what I mean, cause I'm a rare breed, but if you can relate... you already know, ya know?

Nobody on the corner got vision like us. I will not be a Wasted Talent. Greatest story ever told. Your not ready for the brilliance. 2009. GOD! AMEN! WHAT!?