Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Smoke Demon

Last night I was playing some of my beats at the funhouse. Hood Chef started flowing some funny ass shiiiiiiit! Like shit I couldn't stop laughing at, but knew it was kept so real that it would be a hit forever timeless like a version of "the electric slide", but for cool people. I was like "Yoooooooooooooo!!! This is a hit! You gotta do this track!" And he was all about it, so he busted out some quick phrases and BOOM, made a video for it all in one day. I'm gonna try and convince him to re-do and make it even better and make an even sicker music video. All in all, I'm not being biased cause it's my beat and Hood Chef is my bro, but this is one of my favorite songs to date. I can't listen to it without having fun. I can't get through this song without bursting out into laughter at least once!

p.s. To anybody who said my beats are wack, ya'll are just followers who walk the same line as everybody else thinking within that same stupid lil' box that only innovative talent think outside of. Ya'll don't have the skill, vision or even an ounce of swag to rock my instrumentals. You're beat!

p.p.s For ya'll who don't know, Smoke Demon is our homeboy who alone... smokes more than the whole funhouse put together, is ballin' outta control and funny as a hell! #4FUN

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Almighty Dunny Show Update

I just busted out this custom 3" Dunny today. My first custom I ever started and finished in one day. It's called "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel". Reminds me of the weasel characters they portray in cartoons as being you know... a "weasel"... a dirty rotten scoundrel. This is my third 3" custom Dunny for The Almighty Dunny Show. All customs will be for sale at the show and than for sale online at Halcyon and Genuine Artikle the next day.

I will also be bringing a bunch of left over 3" custom Dunny ornaments that I had for sale at Kidrobot NYC a few years ago to sell along with some other custom 3" Dunny ornaments that Zam and Ian Ziobrowski of Genuine Artikle are gonna do.

Sketch Cards

I finished my sketch cards. Only 20 will be inserted into random packs for The Art Hustle trading cards. I can't wait 'til I get my artist card. It's so sick that I got my own trading card. You might think to yourself, that aint shit, it's a stupid card, I can do that too... but ya didn't, ya most likely wont and yeah, I'm in the same trading card series with millionaire mastermind owner of Kidrobot "Paul Budnitz"... and to me... that's even cooler, because it was his toys that opened up the door to change my life. Shout out to everybody else who made the series too. I hope it gives you some type of euphoric feeling that it does me.

I did the same thing on every one of 'em. It was easier to do it that way. I tend to get caught up in artist block cause I hate to disappoint and by the time I've thought of something appealing enough for my OCD to deal with, I'm than being rushed by a dead line that's the next day. So, BOOM! Here it is. Done. I actually be done hella long, but I was just too lazy to update my blog. I need an assistant soooo bad. Anyway, To all ya collectors, if your lucky enough to snag one of these cards, I hope you enjoy my efforts. I will not be a Wasted Talent. Much love.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All My Love

She's my newest infatuation.

#Jet$! #4FUN! #THEBEST! #BOOM!

This is the (late) video from the labor Day weekend BBQ with the 4FUN crew and Shameless Management. There was so many fly bitches out there that day, if I could of, I would of fucked every single one of 'em like the best! Jet$!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


These are two 3" Dunny's I did for The Almighty Dunny Show hosted by Genuine Artikle at Hacylon in Dumbo Brooklyn on Dec. 11th. Come come check out over there along with over 250 custom 3" Dunny's from talented artists all over the world.

The customs I did are called "Fast" and "Swag". I enjoyed creating the Swag Dunny so much, I think I'm gonna make a whole army of them. Since 2008 when I did my 1st custom 20" Dunny with the head upside down, I still haven't seen anyone do it, so I think I'm gonna fulfill that lil' niche and only do Dunny's with upside down heads giving the Dunny a whole new fresh look without really modifying it too much. So look out for a lot of Swag Dunny's for my solo show. Still will be lots of crazy monsters and innovative designs and other cool shit... I haven't mentioned anything about new Wasted Talent gear in a while, if your reading this and you've been patiently waiting for this one man army to push out some new product fresh off the boat. I was banking on my solo show to pay for my credit card bills and have more money to use towards my 1st true love... fashion, but because I myself waited so long, there will definitely be a limited edition tee released at my solo show. If anything happens before, you will know. My momentum is picking back up... I swear. And if you're one of those haters who personally pray for my downfall... just know I get extreme joy knowing that you personally pray for me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Behind The Scenes Of The Massacre

Check me out having fun behind the scenes for the short film "The Massacre" directed and written by Nobi of Gritty Lyfe.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Almighty Dunny Show


"The Almighty Dunny Show" curated by Genuine Artikle and hosted at Halcyon in Dumbo Brooklyn on Dec 11th with over 250 customized 3" Kidrobot Dunny's from artists all over the world that will be displayed from 7pm -10pm. Many of today's hot designers will be represented in this weekend only event in the heart of Brooklyn's underground... and I be one of them there hot designer thingamajigs whatever ya wanna call 'em shits. Sexy as I wanna be.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trading Cards With The 4FUN Crew

Thursday night I headed down to Brooklyn to chill with Hood Chef and the 4 FUN crew. I literally walked into a video shoot coming through the door. You never know who your gonna meet when your chillin' with these dudes. Always industry dudes, always somebody who at least tries to utilize their skills and/or talents to progress in life and GET MONEY! That's why I fuck with 'em. Plus they just mad cool, humble and like minded. We got Smoove 'til like 8am everyday. I smoked more in 4 days in the Fun House than my whole year bid in Cali. I mean these mutha fuckas was takin' bong hits for the roadddd! At 8am! After a whole night of chillin'! At one point there was so much smoke in the room, my eyes just started tearing... outta nowhere! Like I'm sitting there still as a bill... no thought process... just in a zone... and POW!... I'm crying. Insane. Anyfuckingway... I copped some new Jordans to stunt at the Suckadelic/Art Hustle event. Shout to Beerlao! Met a bunch of new people. Sucklord's new tees are so fucking insane. Dicks for crossbones. BOOM! Did a lil' photoshoot right than and there before we left. I was than was rushed to leave to hit up 40oz.Van's shit which was closed by the time we got there. Went back to the Fun House and made a 4FUN theme song with Adebisi Blax, Ricky Khem, Mid-Nite and Cerebral Vortex rapping on one of my beats. Shit was dope! We do this for fun... cause we can... and it sounds better than half of ya'll that DO try. I'm not even being biased. For something done just for fun... you'll see. I drew a 3' character on the wall of the Fun House. It was a long time coming to represent. Dude has real graffiti pieces covering his whole living room. Shit is dope! You most likely don't know anybody who has shit on their walls like this. We went to NJ to play celebrity football... at night. They were trying to get me to play, but I wasn't hittin' the field with my J's like Vortex did... and he had the O.G.s on, crazy bast'! I sat on the side lines with O, T, Mid-Nite and got smoove. I even gotta free custom sweatshirt out of it. After the game we crammed up in the dude Kojo who owns W Shock (where NYC jacked their idea to form what you now know as Good Wood) car and headed back to the Fun House. I tried setting up a collab, but it was late, I'm sitting on his dash board and there's mad people in the back of the car, so... maybe next time I run into him at the Fun House. I also went to Natty Monsta's Birthday party. So many bad bitches, but hella lesbians. It reminded me of California. I was chillin', holding the wall up, girl comes over and I'm like yao yao yao... tell you what you wanna hear bullshit and she's like I'm lesbian. I'm like ohhhh yeah, should of known... you were cute as fuck and have super swagger. No regular bland ol' girl with Uggs/pompadour/pregnant lady blouse, dingy spandex chick. Story of my life. On that note, there's no girls like that where I be chillin' in the city. I love it. But the dykes suck. I mean your cool, and I still love ya, but you suck, you know? But yeah that party was pretty fucking dope! It was at some Barber Shop, they had the coolest bouncer I have ever encountered. That guy was the mannnnn! I have a big problem with bouncers, actually they usually have a problem with me. They always seem to wanna dim my aura. With their faggot dress codes to giving me instructions that I never witnessed them give to anybody else, real hater shit... long story short, this guy was the fucking man, straight up! And was like the size of Big Black and could of been an asshole to me. And OMG, this is so off subject, but as I'm writing this my iTunes just hit me in the brain with Rusko's - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix). You must get that song for yourself. WOOOOOO! This shit is rumblin' my brain so perfectly right now. Not to mention, I just hit my bong backwards... pffftttt... I'm the fucking best! Also check out OFWGKTA for fun. These dudes are the fucking best! You're not ready! Seriously, you're not ready. I was also put on to them last weekend. I'm probably forgetting a lot of shit, but damn I need to move to Brooklyn. 4FUN.