Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sketch Cards

I finished my sketch cards. Only 20 will be inserted into random packs for The Art Hustle trading cards. I can't wait 'til I get my artist card. It's so sick that I got my own trading card. You might think to yourself, that aint shit, it's a stupid card, I can do that too... but ya didn't, ya most likely wont and yeah, I'm in the same trading card series with millionaire mastermind owner of Kidrobot "Paul Budnitz"... and to me... that's even cooler, because it was his toys that opened up the door to change my life. Shout out to everybody else who made the series too. I hope it gives you some type of euphoric feeling that it does me.

I did the same thing on every one of 'em. It was easier to do it that way. I tend to get caught up in artist block cause I hate to disappoint and by the time I've thought of something appealing enough for my OCD to deal with, I'm than being rushed by a dead line that's the next day. So, BOOM! Here it is. Done. I actually be done hella long, but I was just too lazy to update my blog. I need an assistant soooo bad. Anyway, To all ya collectors, if your lucky enough to snag one of these cards, I hope you enjoy my efforts. I will not be a Wasted Talent. Much love.

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