Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best BBQ Ever

So for Labor Day weekend I went out to the East Side River to hang out at the Hood Chef x Shameless Management BBQ. Chilled with the 4FUN fam, met lots of new people, damn near everybody there did something cool in some way or another, some of the flyest girls of NYC and we all ate better food than anybody else in NYC on that day. There was just enough food for everybody to keep going back for more and more. Space cakes, jets and dranks. I also brought like 30 lbs of Talapia that some chick said was award winning! Word! 100's of burgers, hotdogs and kabobs that were spicy as fuck! My type of party though... EVERYBODY WAS FUCKIN' STUNTIN' TO DEATH! ON THE STREET! LIKE THE FUCKING BEST! Best of all there was positive vibes the whole night. It was fun for realllllll.

After the BBQ, Sav, Ricky Bobby, Brooklyn T and Vortex hit some Hotel club shit, this place must only let in 5 star bitches, but I was so beat from dranks by this time I just wanted to sleep, but this white girl was dj'ing and playing the siiiiiiiiiiickest shit! Shit I never heard before or just shit I heard before with dubstep remixes. Every time I see shit like this it always reminds me of the time where I used to DJ at these wack jersey shore mentality bars to just "try" and put people on, be a lush for free and get paid for it... but lames would be like play more commercial music, play more commercial music, I'm like wtf? I got so fed up one time I was like "yo man, go put on the fucking radio if you wanna bump that wack shit" and I packed up and left right than and there. Fuck 'em! They're beat!

After the Hotel club shit, we went back to the fun house and I took over a couch like it was nobody's business. BOOM!

I was gonna steal other people's pics, but it would of took too long, so... you can find more photos of the BBQ here.

Imagine This Was Your Car

I went to pick up a dress shirt and tie to match my Pumps for Vicki and Tommy's wedding and on the way I saw this... in the window was a note from previous person who was just as blown away as me.

Wasted Talent Jansport

Here's my 2nd full page spread of my work in YRB Magazine. There are 3 different covers... Shepard Fairey, Mister Cartoon and Swizz Beatz. I missed a huge party to network cause I been slacking on checking my emails, but just in time to get invited to be part of Sucklord's "SUCKPAX" Series 2 trading cards and the 2nd series of "Art Hustle" trading cards, which is like baseball cards... but for artists. I still aint where I wanna be in this industry of artistic entrepreneur's, but how many people do you know that are on a trading card? I gotta make it "nasty" for 'em!

Check out what Black Daria said about my bag on her blog... and I never met her at all, just saying.

Anyway, will keep you updated with what happens with the bag.