Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wasted Talent Jansport

Here's my 2nd full page spread of my work in YRB Magazine. There are 3 different covers... Shepard Fairey, Mister Cartoon and Swizz Beatz. I missed a huge party to network cause I been slacking on checking my emails, but just in time to get invited to be part of Sucklord's "SUCKPAX" Series 2 trading cards and the 2nd series of "Art Hustle" trading cards, which is like baseball cards... but for artists. I still aint where I wanna be in this industry of artistic entrepreneur's, but how many people do you know that are on a trading card? I gotta make it "nasty" for 'em!

Check out what Black Daria said about my bag on her blog... and I never met her at all, just saying.

Anyway, will keep you updated with what happens with the bag.

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