Thursday, May 13, 2010

HOPE 2010

Ok, well I didn't make Phoneticontrol's "Thought Processor" NYC Series Show cause I have assholes for friends, but on a more positive note, myspace aint dead. I signed on to find an invitation from Sami at YRB Magazine to do a custom Jansport bookbag for the magazine. A few years back I did a custom Hammerhead Shark Munny for them alongside other artists such as Dril One, Sket One, Jesse Hernandez, Boxguts, Brent Nolasco, Indie184, Cope2, Dlux and Queen Andrea which was due to the cool people at Sneaker Bistro Boutique who commissioned me for a custom Bistro Munny for their 1 of a kind sneaker boutique, which is also in the same issue where the boutique also had it's own feature. The clever design of the store is worth taking a trip out to Patchogue, NY... plus they really do got some dope kicks that most stores wouldn't.

Been hanging out with my family a lot more lately. Been chillin' with my nieces and bustin' guns with my lil' nephew. While painting my parents back deck I found a lil' birds nest with 3 blue eggs under it that you can see through the cracks of the wood from the top. I will put new pics after they hatch. Went to Genuine Artikle and picked up three 8" Qee's, a 10" Yoka Bear, 10" Teddy Trooper and a limited edition Flying Fortress tee. Seen a ton of amazing new works from Zam and Ian. I even got sneak peak pics of Ian Ziobrowski's new custom toys for Tenacious Toys which are soooooooo fucking siiiiiick, but he won't lemme post them until Spanky does first... BAST'! HAHA... Got a bunch of art supplies and a white Jansport from YRB in the mail. My long time friend John Rodriguez just commissioned me to do a mural for his new restaurant/bar called the "Chuggin Rhino". Got lots of work to do. Bunch more updates to come... OWWW!

p.s. I'm starting to stack... and the aura still has a shimmer. Almost overnight, I feel like I'm back on my A game. If you aint about shit, get the fuck up out my lane mane.