Sunday, August 23, 2009


I been waiting months for the suckiest show on the planet! This is gonna suck so bad that I'm flying back to NYC just for the show. See ya there suckasssss.

The lineup features 40+ arts including: Itokin Park, Ilanena, Dead Presidents, Erick Scarecrow, Evil Design, Jesse Hernandez, kaNO, kill!, Koji Harmon, Gargamel(Kiyoka Ikeda and Naoya Ikeda, Chanmen, Katope) Lemerde, Lou Pimentel, Cliff and Sean of Monsterhero, George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys, Patrick Francisco, Paul Kaiju, Pon, Sara Antionette Martin, Jesse Moore (callgrim), J-Roo and J-Bat of Dynomight, Cupco, Skulltoys, Dave Pressler, OsirisOrion, Gibsonian and Akirophoto of Nerdcore, Phetus, Snaggs, Brian Slivka of Plastic and Plush, Jailbreak Toys, Nasty Neil, Nemo, Mezco, Living Dead Dolls, Matt "mother" Connelly, Tone Tank, Spooky Booty, Burt Banger, Mio Murakami, Cha-iro Brown (chef), Atom a. Armwrestler, Refreshment, Uamou, Tulip, Dice One, Angie Dutchess, Billy Roids, Killa Dicer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Custom Skateboards

These are the 2 boards I did for Sk8 Deck Show.

My friend from Monster Ink Tattoo's always talked about how he liked drawing zombies and ever since then I wanted to draw some gruesome zombie type shit. So I took it back to my younger days when I only drew things in black and white with pencil and the only color in it would be red for blood and explosions... and of course I repped "Wasted Talent" spelled out in the intestines that are spilling out from the zombie being eaten.

I call this "Zombie Eat Zombie".

This board was actually broke in half and I was looking at it for a minute and came up with this innovative use of the natural breaks in the board.

I titled this "Thrash Or Die".

Home Sweet Home

Just wanted to let you know that Terminal22 officially has a new home at 2443 Telegraph Ave at 25th Street, Oakland. Luckily were not expecting any mail since there is no zipcode...

So all future shows are moving forward as planned...our new spot is a lot bigger and right on the ave. with a cluster of Art Murmur galleries...more room for art and more foot traffic and exposure for all of the artists.

The SK8 Deck show is September 4th (during "First Friday") from 6-9 and is coming up soon.

Art. Wine. Cupcakes. A whole lotta baggy jeans.

We've collected skate decks from stores, our closets, and various street corners to hand over to some of the Bay's most talented creative forces. Should be a dope show. I created 2 crazy ass decks for this show. And yes, there will really be free cupcakes.

Unfortunately I wont be there for this as I will be in NYC for another custom toy show I'm in that I've anticipated for a long time. Got some finishing touches for that show and tons more updates in the next few days.

I'll give ya hint about the show, it sucks!

To all my New York peops, get ready cause I'm home for 1 week, shit is about to go downnnnn!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

BMX/Skatepark made the front page

This is the skatepark I was talking about in the past posts. It's gonna be open veryyyy soon! Stay tuned... you can read more about it here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It was a long morning..

So it's 4am and I'm customizing a skateboard for an upcoming show and this dude Task is cutting a skatebord with a razor for whatever reason he was and like a knucklehead, he was cutting towards himself and did this...

So blood starts pouring out his hand and he's like, "I think I need stitches. We need to go to the hospital." We got a ride from our good Rasta friend from S. Africa to the hospital. Knowing I'd be in there for a while I brought my arts and crafts with me and painted in the waiting room.

They told us we had to wear these face masks cause that was the new rule. I was like the only one in there. I ended up falling asleep due to me being up for almost 48 hours and I was snoring so loud to the point that the lady at the desk almost told me to wake up. I was woken up by my sewn up friend and we started walking home all the way from Berkeley. We stopped at the mall to get something to eat, then we got some spray paint at Home Depot to contribute some art at the BMX/skate park down the block from us and this dude's bandage turns all red then started profusely dripping blood down his arm all over the place, so I ran and got some napkins out the nearest Starbucks as I was coming back to him he revealed the cut from the bandage to see why it's bleeding like this and the shit started squirting out blood like a fountain!!! I froze up and stood there in awe as he plugged it up with his index finger and he was like, "well gimme the fuckin' napkins man!" So I ran back to get more napkins and by the time I came back the whole area look like somebody just got murdered. He took all the spray paint out of the Home Depot bag and told me to put the paint in my backpack so he can wrap his hand up in the bag so he wouldn't bleed all over the cab as we definitely had to go back to hospital AGAIN. He didn't wanna pay for an ambulance, so we called a cab and waited like a half hour while his hand was filling up this plastic bag. The cab finally got there, when I got in I noticed a strong smell of paint and I immediately knew what happened. One of the caps fell off a can it started spraying in my bag 'til it was almost half empty and I had green paint all over my jeans, the inside of my whole backpack and my hands were equally as green as his were red... GREAT! Story of my life. So we get there, the place is full and it looks like the end of the world with everybody's mask on, we wait another half hour while this dude has his hand in a plastic bag full of blood, starting to get real pale and looking like he was about to pass out. So I'm like what the fuck? I said out loud "so what happens if you walk in holding your severed right hand in your left hand, they gonna make you wait this long too?" and the dumb bitch at the desk gave me a dirty look like my comment wasn't appropriate for the moment. Like I aint the fucking best or something! So finally some hot spanish nurse with a brain comes over cause she saw how pale he was getting and got him sewn back up AGAIN. I went outside and laid down on a bench and went to sleep for the time being 'til he came out and found me. The nurse said the stitch probably rubbed against his artery in his finger and broke it open. That explains the blood fountain. So we're finally done with that, we walked home AGAIN, my feet are killing me cause I didn't realize we'd even be walking at all. I probably wouldn't of brought the skateboard and wore my good sneakers if I'd known, but we finally got home at like 12pm and I went to sleep like a baby. I also sent out my custom BUKA to LA in the midst of all that too. It was a longggggg morning. Got my boy Santiago here. About to get hella smoove and get back to work...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stunt Hard

So I was thinking what my options were with this 3" ducky thing by Adfunture and how can I be innovative with my imagination and create something that stands out amongst everybody else in the show at the same time, one thing led to another and I came up with this "I ride so dirty, but I look so clean" type mutha fucka... curators and galleries owners are gonna have to start regulations just for me soon. Sorry ya'll, this is just how I stunt!

Imagine if I didn't rush.

If your in L.A. tomorrow you can buy this 1 of a kind hand sculpted character at Monkeyhouse Toys for $250. More pics coming soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vinyl Birdies

George of Toy Break/October Toys gave me and Task One some 2 mini Gwins at the I.W.G. Show for a the mini Gwin tour. This is what I did for it. This was my first resin/mold project. Making molds sucks so bad!

It's made of a sculpted red heart inside of clear resin that sits on black pedestal with LED's in the center to shine through the Gwin.

I know... the heart is too big, but after doing like 6 of these and they keep fucking up, you pick the 1st one that "works" when your on time limits for shows. I hate time limits...

We made a bunch of other mini Gwins with the molds we made. Task created something really cool for the show and a special suprise just for them too. You'll see soon.

And this is a sneak peak of my custom BUKA for the show in LA in the process of being transformed into 110% 3-D swagger. Photos of finished product to come. This shit is gonna stunt soooo hard! I gotta make the photos stunt just as hard too.

I just hope it gets there in 1 piece.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yo Momma!

This is a video of all the customs for the "Munny Grubbers" show in Phoenix, AZ. My custom is supposed to be $420, NOT $200. Somebody's trippin'... but anyway, check it out. Got some really cool customs in this show!

You can now vote for mine as best in the show at Delicious Drips. Vote "delicious" as best, poison as worst. Don't be a hater like the young bucks who give me less then delicious, like we don't know... LOL!

Special thanks to Nerviswrek for inviting me to participate in the show.

PJ from Immortal Beloved Toys did a custom based on 70's porno mags and titled it "Nasty Neil's Mom". Mom, if your reading this, you just gotta laugh at the pure insanity of this. Now I gotta retaliate in some West Coast vs. East Coast art wars some time in the future when I get around to it. This is gonna be some gangsta toy industry shit! I might just make Mommy take care of my light work! HAHAHA

Don't be mad Mom. WE ALL LOVE YOU! <3

I can't believe you really did that... LOL!

And I liked this custom by Noel Cruz so much and it was done so clean that I had to show you. Even the photos were clever!

Friday, August 7, 2009


What I got in the hotdog envelope was for this... I got a few more days. It's taking me a lot longer then I expected cause I got sooooooooooo much other shit to do too. I need a vaca... but I have no time to vaca. WTF!?!?!?!

Anyway, like usual, when ever I'm in a show you can tell that... nobody on the corner got vision like me, vision like me. Nobody on the corner got vision like me, vision like me.

Maki Oshi

This is an 8" Munny I customized for the "Munny Grubbers" show. Vote for him on Delicious Drips. His name is "Maki Oshi" and he will fuck shit up!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Suprise Mail

Just got a package in the mail from Nick the Ring that had a hot dog printed on it. How funny is that? Could this be a conspiracy? Anyway it's for an upcoming show on the 15th of this month. Watch how I kill it with super innovation in 3 days. Pics to come...

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Do It Yourself

Before I moved from NY, I did mad cleaning and this what I had laying around...