Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Just wanted to let you know that Terminal22 officially has a new home at 2443 Telegraph Ave at 25th Street, Oakland. Luckily were not expecting any mail since there is no zipcode...

So all future shows are moving forward as planned...our new spot is a lot bigger and right on the ave. with a cluster of Art Murmur galleries...more room for art and more foot traffic and exposure for all of the artists.

The SK8 Deck show is September 4th (during "First Friday") from 6-9 and is coming up soon.

Art. Wine. Cupcakes. A whole lotta baggy jeans.

We've collected skate decks from stores, our closets, and various street corners to hand over to some of the Bay's most talented creative forces. Should be a dope show. I created 2 crazy ass decks for this show. And yes, there will really be free cupcakes.

Unfortunately I wont be there for this as I will be in NYC for another custom toy show I'm in that I've anticipated for a long time. Got some finishing touches for that show and tons more updates in the next few days.

I'll give ya hint about the show, it sucks!

To all my New York peops, get ready cause I'm home for 1 week, shit is about to go downnnnn!!!!

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