Thursday, August 20, 2009

Custom Skateboards

These are the 2 boards I did for Sk8 Deck Show.

My friend from Monster Ink Tattoo's always talked about how he liked drawing zombies and ever since then I wanted to draw some gruesome zombie type shit. So I took it back to my younger days when I only drew things in black and white with pencil and the only color in it would be red for blood and explosions... and of course I repped "Wasted Talent" spelled out in the intestines that are spilling out from the zombie being eaten.

I call this "Zombie Eat Zombie".

This board was actually broke in half and I was looking at it for a minute and came up with this innovative use of the natural breaks in the board.

I titled this "Thrash Or Die".

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Zhcsyra hp said...

owhh.,i love sceater so much more., and olie is one of my fave.,:)))