Monday, August 10, 2009

Yo Momma!

This is a video of all the customs for the "Munny Grubbers" show in Phoenix, AZ. My custom is supposed to be $420, NOT $200. Somebody's trippin'... but anyway, check it out. Got some really cool customs in this show!

You can now vote for mine as best in the show at Delicious Drips. Vote "delicious" as best, poison as worst. Don't be a hater like the young bucks who give me less then delicious, like we don't know... LOL!

Special thanks to Nerviswrek for inviting me to participate in the show.

PJ from Immortal Beloved Toys did a custom based on 70's porno mags and titled it "Nasty Neil's Mom". Mom, if your reading this, you just gotta laugh at the pure insanity of this. Now I gotta retaliate in some West Coast vs. East Coast art wars some time in the future when I get around to it. This is gonna be some gangsta toy industry shit! I might just make Mommy take care of my light work! HAHAHA

Don't be mad Mom. WE ALL LOVE YOU! <3

I can't believe you really did that... LOL!

And I liked this custom by Noel Cruz so much and it was done so clean that I had to show you. Even the photos were clever!

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