Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vinyl Birdies

George of Toy Break/October Toys gave me and Task One some 2 mini Gwins at the I.W.G. Show for a the mini Gwin tour. This is what I did for it. This was my first resin/mold project. Making molds sucks so bad!

It's made of a sculpted red heart inside of clear resin that sits on black pedestal with LED's in the center to shine through the Gwin.

I know... the heart is too big, but after doing like 6 of these and they keep fucking up, you pick the 1st one that "works" when your on time limits for shows. I hate time limits...

We made a bunch of other mini Gwins with the molds we made. Task created something really cool for the show and a special suprise just for them too. You'll see soon.

And this is a sneak peak of my custom BUKA for the show in LA in the process of being transformed into 110% 3-D swagger. Photos of finished product to come. This shit is gonna stunt soooo hard! I gotta make the photos stunt just as hard too.

I just hope it gets there in 1 piece.

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