Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Look what Dante Ross said...

I google Wasted Talent every now and than to see if anything new about me or the company comes up, so I came across this on Dante Ross' blog from his "STOP #2: SOME LOFT PARTY IN WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN" post... check it out. It's pretty funny.

"Then, a dude in a pair of $400 Flight Club retro Nikes comes up and jumps in the conversation. I notice that he has a “Crack Is Back” shirt on."

"I ask him about the original “Crack Is Wack” anti-drug mural uptown that the shirt tried to put a negative spin on. He didn’t know what I was referring to, because he just moved here from Utah and finished his graphic arts study at Pratt University. Ah, I get it now, he’s going for irony. Little emo-indie rock fan boy becomes Young Jeezy all of a sudden, that’s so creative!! Get the fuckouttahere."

"I asked him if he’s ever had a crackhead relative show up at a family function -I have, and it’s nothing to celebrate on a t-shirt- and he said , “nah, but the shirt is fresh”. I know “crack” is slang term that‘s widely used in entertainment, like “dope” (that beat is “crack”, etc.), but it’s obvious that listening to too many Clipse songs has caused this little guy to talk out of his ass."

You can check out more of Dante Ross' blog here.

I know tons of people that smoke crack... I don't, so I don't give a fuck. I don't condone smoking crack nor do I give a fuck about the message it portrays. If ya can't appreciate the witty twist, you must be more opened minded. I thought smoking weed expanded peoples thoughts? Keep smoking! That shit is crack!

I wonder what he'd say if it was Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids rockin' the shirt at the party.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I found this surfing the net. Brilliant idea, I love it! Check more out here!

Friday, March 5, 2010

First Days Back In The East

Still in pink... just in time for the snow. Visited my boy Dom, heard he was gonna pop the question to his girlfriend Samara. Went to Monster Ink Tattoo's. Went out for a drink. Went to Staten Island. My Dad's 66th Birthday. Dom popped the question Super Bowl Sunday during half time. Went back to Damian's. Somebody stepped in the biggest pile of vomit getting out of the car. Went to Dave's. Went drinking again. Made stuffed mushrooms for my Mom. Went to a mini mansion in the middle of nowhere and anything goes down! Got some "REAL" New York Pizza! Went to Monster Ink again and bullshitted with my friend Jordan while he got tattooed by my other friend Ariel. Went to Kerry Kelemen's going away party. See ya in Canada one day. Finally met Vinny Raffa. Helped renovate the tattoo shop. The rest is way too tough for documentation... moving to Staten Island today to get back to work. Gotta few lil' jobs that involve my artistic skills. Expect a bunch of new artistic bullshit from me that I will be neglecting my free time towards getting fucked up and hanging out with my friends and more than willing girls... Time to put in that work and take over this shit!

p.s. Alley Genna, nobody knows who you are and everybody wants to delete you off Facebook, because your a loser ass bitch who posts tons of uninteresting nonsense and you bitch at people like you are the epitome of etiquette. This girl adds people on FB and gets bitchy with them after for no reason cause she's just that uptight! NO JOKE! After her name came up at last nights party, like "who the fuck is Faith and Nathan"? I found out last night at this party that she was a bitch that loves to complain like an old nasty lady with a miserable life attitude for really no reason which she had not just done to me, but to multiple people at the party, which makes me realize that the bitch truly was crazy. And these people are far less outgoing than I am, so I can only imagine what lil' shit they could of said to have her come out her face like a fucking knucklehead. Somebody even brought up the fact that's probably the reason why she's a single mom! And I was like "oh shit, that's what I said!" She flipped on me cause I had posted my link to my blog on her page, seeing that she had a blog that talked about shit that nobody could possibly give a fuck about, but figuring she blogs and I have a blog, maybe she would like my blog, I mean who doesn't if you not a prissy fucking hater? So I had 3 whole photos of a girl with her finger in her panties rockin' Wasted Talent and that I guess struck a nerve in her prude personality somehow, she was trying to belittle me after cause I pulled her card and I spelled like 4 things wrong when I was writing my reply to her prissyness and the dumb bitch was making it her strong point of her message back to mine while spelling things wrong herself. LOL The funniest part of this is my friend Mike was like what'cha doing over there? I said I'm writing back to this uptight bitch who just ADDED ME and bitched at me for no reason... he was like make sure you spell everything right, cause if you don't, she automatically wins. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Being as lame as that bitch was, I could've wRotE LIke mY NieCe and still never of lost.