Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Look what Dante Ross said...

I google Wasted Talent every now and than to see if anything new about me or the company comes up, so I came across this on Dante Ross' blog from his "STOP #2: SOME LOFT PARTY IN WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN" post... check it out. It's pretty funny.

"Then, a dude in a pair of $400 Flight Club retro Nikes comes up and jumps in the conversation. I notice that he has a “Crack Is Back” shirt on."

"I ask him about the original “Crack Is Wack” anti-drug mural uptown that the shirt tried to put a negative spin on. He didn’t know what I was referring to, because he just moved here from Utah and finished his graphic arts study at Pratt University. Ah, I get it now, he’s going for irony. Little emo-indie rock fan boy becomes Young Jeezy all of a sudden, that’s so creative!! Get the fuckouttahere."

"I asked him if he’s ever had a crackhead relative show up at a family function -I have, and it’s nothing to celebrate on a t-shirt- and he said , “nah, but the shirt is fresh”. I know “crack” is slang term that‘s widely used in entertainment, like “dope” (that beat is “crack”, etc.), but it’s obvious that listening to too many Clipse songs has caused this little guy to talk out of his ass."

You can check out more of Dante Ross' blog here.

I know tons of people that smoke crack... I don't, so I don't give a fuck. I don't condone smoking crack nor do I give a fuck about the message it portrays. If ya can't appreciate the witty twist, you must be more opened minded. I thought smoking weed expanded peoples thoughts? Keep smoking! That shit is crack!

I wonder what he'd say if it was Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids rockin' the shirt at the party.

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