Thursday, April 15, 2010

And so...

Went to my brother from another mother Schnell's house. I always said it before I even started Wasted Talent, just knowing one day I'd be somebody... that once I made it, he would be my in house chef. Dude is a dope cook! He went to school for it and everything. Even though I can cook just as good as him and he knows it... I still gotta have that lush life cook living in the mini mansh! HAHA So yeah, I went to his house a week ago, he whipped up some random shit he had laying around and made your mouth explode with flava! Working on the Phoneticontrol's "Thought Processor" with my friend ??? cause I suck at Photoshop. Said hello to my turtle "Patience". Killed a 100,000 Ants at once. Not me, Shawn The Best did cause they were crawling through a crack into the wall into his apartment. Chilled with my Staten Island homegirl Lacey. Finished a Wasted Talent version of Jon Knox's "Brute Toy" from his company Hello Brute. I replicated the Wasted Talent "Perverse Gluttony" tee, but with his version style of face. This will be for my 2nd solo show some time next year.

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