Sunday, August 23, 2009


I been waiting months for the suckiest show on the planet! This is gonna suck so bad that I'm flying back to NYC just for the show. See ya there suckasssss.

The lineup features 40+ arts including: Itokin Park, Ilanena, Dead Presidents, Erick Scarecrow, Evil Design, Jesse Hernandez, kaNO, kill!, Koji Harmon, Gargamel(Kiyoka Ikeda and Naoya Ikeda, Chanmen, Katope) Lemerde, Lou Pimentel, Cliff and Sean of Monsterhero, George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys, Patrick Francisco, Paul Kaiju, Pon, Sara Antionette Martin, Jesse Moore (callgrim), J-Roo and J-Bat of Dynomight, Cupco, Skulltoys, Dave Pressler, OsirisOrion, Gibsonian and Akirophoto of Nerdcore, Phetus, Snaggs, Brian Slivka of Plastic and Plush, Jailbreak Toys, Nasty Neil, Nemo, Mezco, Living Dead Dolls, Matt "mother" Connelly, Tone Tank, Spooky Booty, Burt Banger, Mio Murakami, Cha-iro Brown (chef), Atom a. Armwrestler, Refreshment, Uamou, Tulip, Dice One, Angie Dutchess, Billy Roids, Killa Dicer.

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