Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Week

Sooo... from the last time I posted 'til Labor Day weekend I been so busy finishing up projects for shows, started to curate a toy show, started pieces for the show I'm curating, did some volunteer work painting things blue for some Elementary school, steadily working on big unfinished projects, constantly promoting Wasted Talent, flew to NY for Sucklord's show, dropped of STRANGEco toys to WORLD NYC, contacted Ian of Genuine Artikle about a 100 times buggin' him about getting 1 shirt made for Friday's Suckadelic show (I literally ran around for 3 days to get that 1 shirt made!), went to wedding parties, a bunch of beerbq's and so much more... I just landed back in SF straight back to my grind and I'm still a little out of it from all the partying I did the whole week and I already had 2 days of recuperation. I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, for all the people I missed, I'm sorry, don't me mad at me, I had very limited time and making power moves was priority. I'll be back soon enough!

Anyway, I was honored to have a piece in Sucklord's "Super Group Suckoff 2" show at APW Gallery. He really is a one of a kind dude with a cunning personality. Dude is fucking hilarious as he is crazy as me and my friends are, so I knew it was gonna be a sick time. Some lady tripped and broke her hip in the doorway to the gallery right as people started showing up so we had to wait for the ambulance to get her outta the doorway before people could even come in. The showroom was so packed it became a sauna, but I met a lot of new cool people, chilled with fellow artists and designers once again, saw some really cool stuff, fell in love a couple times and stunted hard for the camera. Watch the video as we make history!

From left to right... THE BEST, Phetus, Barnes, Dead Shawn, Osirisorion, Nasty Neil, Sucklord, Mary Paper$, Nemo, Hot Blonde, Dude and Spooky Booty's arm.

Tone Tank of Scumlife Clothing, Nasty Neil and THE BEST!

I had a lot more photos of the show and the prior weeks, but I ended up dropping/breaking my camera and lost my memory card, so until that shows up, this is all I can original photos I can provide for now.

Click here to see more photos of artwork and sale inquiries.

Tenacious Toys also did a write up on the show here.

The same day in Oakland, CA. I had 4 custom skateboards at Terminal 22 Gallery for our 2nd re-grand opening show after we moved to a bigger and better spot on Telegraph Ave in the mix of the other galleries in Oakland's "art murmur". You can see more photos of the "SK8 DECK Show" here. I'll be here most of the time starting this week as I will be running shop while the big boss' do the damn thing! So come say what up and check out the artwork!

Other then that, my NY trip was too crazy to even write down... or maybe it's just that I was too shitfaced the whole time I can't remember any of it. Either way it was awesome, until next time!

I'm also helping to curate a custom toy show for Oct 2nd at Terminal 22 Gallery that is sponsored by STRANGEco that should also be one hell of a show. We already have a worldwide line up of very talented artists. More updates on that to come in the next few days...

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