Tuesday, November 30, 2010


These are two 3" Dunny's I did for The Almighty Dunny Show hosted by Genuine Artikle at Hacylon in Dumbo Brooklyn on Dec. 11th. Come come check out over there along with over 250 custom 3" Dunny's from talented artists all over the world.

The customs I did are called "Fast" and "Swag". I enjoyed creating the Swag Dunny so much, I think I'm gonna make a whole army of them. Since 2008 when I did my 1st custom 20" Dunny with the head upside down, I still haven't seen anyone do it, so I think I'm gonna fulfill that lil' niche and only do Dunny's with upside down heads giving the Dunny a whole new fresh look without really modifying it too much. So look out for a lot of Swag Dunny's for my solo show. Still will be lots of crazy monsters and innovative designs and other cool shit... I haven't mentioned anything about new Wasted Talent gear in a while, if your reading this and you've been patiently waiting for this one man army to push out some new product fresh off the boat. I was banking on my solo show to pay for my credit card bills and have more money to use towards my 1st true love... fashion, but because I myself waited so long, there will definitely be a limited edition tee released at my solo show. If anything happens before, you will know. My momentum is picking back up... I swear. And if you're one of those haters who personally pray for my downfall... just know I get extreme joy knowing that you personally pray for me.

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