Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My art gets around.

I've customized 2 D.I.Y. pieces for upcoming mini tours. The Mutt Toy by Tyler and the ILLAZILLA by TNES of Hippo Esthetics.

"Ah Shit!" Mutt Toy

"My Pet Zilla" ILLAZILLA. A lil' spin on the 1980's toy My Pet Monster. On sale here. You can check out pics from the 1st stop of the ILLAZILLA tour at APW Gallery here. Shout to Leonard for coming out with me that night.

The next show is the 1st stop of the Mutt mini tour that will also be at APW Gallery on April 3rd. Very cool place. Sure to be very cool people. Nearly every inch is covered with a canvas except the areas separated for personal show casings. Go check it out. I might be there...

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