Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today we had some dude with a brand new white Cadillac parked outside in the driveway section of the warehouse. No joke! I MEAN NOOOOOO JOKE! A bum ass crackhead was soooo high he crashed his bicycle into the "parked" car putting a sick ass gash in the side of the car. Shit has to be at least a grand to fix. I'll get a pic of it tomorrow. Amazingly, the bum just managed to walk a straight line the other way without getting killed in broad daylight. I seen the dude 4 hours later at the corner store where they had 13+ cop cars across the street surrounding the whole block to get some guy they were chasing who managed to climb up a building onto the roof of the liquor store... and I see the junkie who hit the car in the store nodding out weaving back and forth knocking shit off the racks and shit. I love Oakland! Don't get it twisted, my opportunities outshine the ghetto lifestyle. I'm gonna be a mutha fuckin' maniac with a million bucks! NO MATTER WHERE I'M AT!

Also, I gotta 50/50 chance of going to San Diego Comic Con with STRANGEco. I'm still trying to find a place to sleep and shower on the 23rd to the 26th, so contact me if you got any hook ups with hotels or want some cool company for a few days. I'll be the guy on the couch.

I leave you with a pic of a custom "Wasted Talent" Shikito. Also check out Super Duex. His work is dope!

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