Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hard Knock Life

I'm back. Just moved to the Bay Area. Finally got my internet on and catching up on "hella" shit. That's some Cali slang for ya. It's such a different lifestyle. I'm not saying where I live, but let's just say there's hookers in daytime man... hookers in the daytime. Bums and crackheads hitting you up for cigarettes and change every 15 feet. LOL! It's crazy! But there art scene is huge out here, so I'm toughin' it out, fending off the wolves for my nicotine and crack change. Fucking up all my fly gear with paint and whatever the hell else I luckily bump into. Eating PB&J's everyday like it's the only thing on earth and make power moves 'til I get that daily sushi.

Annnd the last thing I posted about was the Cactus Dunny I had in the Kidrobot NYC store. The day I landed in Cali and I was just barely walking into my new home and I get a call saying the piece sold. It was only in there 2 weeks and it was sold to some rich dude from LA who had stripper poles in house and shit. He called me, but I deleted his number by accident. I hope he calls me up one day and invites me over to a sick party at his mansion. He said he was into "different" things. He never seen anything like it. He didn't even know what designer toys were, but he knew what's dope! I'll tell ya that!

Also, a bunch of upcoming custom shows are on the way including the I.T.D. Show June 5th @ 1:am Gallery in San Francisco. New tees on the way. Maybe some really dope collabs and new shit to make you say, "can you believe it? Look at this guy go!"

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