Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 High Times Cannabis Cup

Yo, Denver reminded me of a slower Oakland. Crackheads bums and hookers everywhere, weed clinics, lots of diversity. I almost felt like I should of seen a familiar face, but long story short... I smoke crazy weed, some ear wax shit out of a bong that had me leave the event for 2 hours, almost had a threesome til I lost my star power, walked the streets dolo, got approached by hookers and crackheads which were kind of the same people, saw some junkie get smacked through a laundry matt window by some dealer, ate the best food, went to some metro sexual club that fit like 10,000 people in it and there was 2 more across the street which didn't let us in cause of Hood Chef's neck tattoo's, snuck into the High Times 20111 Cannabis Cup, saw some crazy art... we just had lots of fun. Wait for the movie to be released so you can get the full stories. Shit is gonna hilarious! 4FUN

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