Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Small World, Big Things

So Kreayshawn came to NYC for the first time to open up with Roxy Cottontail on her birthday for Andre Nickatina and you know I had to come see the Queen of Swag! The homie 40 Thousand was also opening with my bro Hood Chef. We had all the elite people in that place rockin' Wasted Talent Marijuana Medallions. Here's a video from Karmaloop of the event which you can see 40 Thousand stuntin' for the camera. I was gonna wait 'til the locos got all their footage edited and shit, but I came across these photos (below) of her from The Hundreds "Meow" blog that look so dope that I said fuck waiting. The first photo she is swaggin' out the purple version of Wasted Talent Marijuana Medallions which at the moment, only 10 exist in the whole world. The other two of her I threw in just for good measure... just for my Mom.

Note: Pharell Williams of The Neptunes is like the head art director or some shit for these Karmaloop videos... just saying.


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