Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Massacre

After last Saturday's insane night where my girl got roofied at the bar and I carried her like a half dead soldier with HER pocket book in MY hand with probably everybody looking at me like I'm the one that did this shit to this poor girl... and on top of that, I was R.I.P. City myself, there's barely any room to walk by cause it's so packed and I gotta get her all way to the car which is damn near 20 feet from where hella cops who are patiently waiting for people to fuck with. And no, douchebag, I wasn't driving, the limo driver was. I managed to crash at my friend Akira's house at like 4:30am. I had to wake up at 9:30am Sunday morning to meet up with the cast and start shooting. I was asked by my good friend Akira a week earlier to play a part in a short film to promote his older brother Nobi's new mixtape "The Massacre". My 1st acting debut was for Sucklord and I was incredibly cornily getting my ass kicked and now I'm getting my neck ripped out by some bullied lil' nerd turned serial killer... and I'm the 1st one killed. I had a few lines in it... pretty much your usual horror flick, camping trip equals a terrible death type shit... for fun, cause I can. Since these recent video shoots I've been in though I've been thinking about dropping the dream of being a famous designer and moving to Hollywood to pursue my acting career. I already got place to stay for a few months and some booked gigs doing stand up comedy to stack up to get the mini mans' (mansion). But get serious though, snap outta that world where you think I'm that delirious with life that I just blurt out these crazy things like I'm shit. I am the shit though... but I'm absolutely kidding. Like I said, I do this for fun... cause I can... and it was mad fun. Chilled at my friends house all night with all my people, met some new people, got smoove, ate mad food, promoted my shit and got bloodyyyyyy! They had this professional make up artist who made my neck get ripped out. I had everybody surrounding me at one point saying "ewwww" "ewwww" as she's pulling some latex off my neck far enough to where I can see it at the tip of my chin, note, I had my neck tilted straight back... for 20 minutes... wasn't allowed to move... NOT AT ALL... not even talk! And chick was very stern about it, I was afraid to swallow my own spit. So she's pulling this shit, it didn't hurt... at all... but I felt this slight tension... oooh I'm freaking out as I write this. HAHA... so yeah, it was just so weird, having everybody go "ewwww" and know your having your latex skin neck cut open to make it bloody. So weird, but I loved it. I rocked that bloody neck the wholllle night! I also learned some things like mashed Bananas and fake blood make brain matter.

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