Monday, October 4, 2010

Who else you know with a trading card?

You don't don't gotta be an athlete to be on the front of a trading card. You just gotta be like me. I was invited to be part of the series 2 of "The Art Hustle" trading cards. They said send a pic to represent yourself, so you know I had to man the horn and call up some bitches. Here's a photoshoot I did with my 2 sluts, 1 posing with me and 1 taking pics with my camera. I even brought some of my lights and shit. The photo was due the next day, so we did this in a half hour and photoshopped the background out. These are some of the out takes. The girl who was taking pics was all over the place. You'd be surprised how strenuous that position was with an ass on the back of your head supporting a girl leaning over on heels. It was fun. Thank you girls! Love ya! Now I'm just waiting on a bunch of sketch cards to do, speaking of sketch cards, I just finished 20 of them for Sucklord's SUCKPAX series 2. He also threw in some old ass cards from random series that I never seen in my life and said draw on them and improvise. Here's some pics for ya.

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