Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 4FUN Fund Raiser

For all the young bucks who wanna party with the locos, this is your chance. 18 to get in. 21 to drink. I might have some vintage Wasted Talent shirts for sale and some other shit depending if I wanna sit at a table all night and get my hustle on all while I transform into a Dirty Vodka Drunk and try and mingle with sluts. This is gonna be one fucking incredible night as I will be performing my verse from the Hustle Hard LocoMix for the first time live on stage with all the loco's at Public Assembly... not to mention it will be my first time performing ever. For ya'll that don't know it's a pretty big fucking stage.. and I dunno how I got myself there.

But I'm swaggin' on one... just one... cause I'm the fucking best!

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