Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yo, since I was in middle school, people always thought of me as some naive dumb lil' white kid, maybe I give off that vibe cause that's how much I truly don't give a fuck about what anybody thinks about me... but with them just thinking that, whether they said it out loud or not... like the social genius I am, I can see right through their fakeness and could just automatically tell they think that about me. I'll go years letting you think I'm whatever you want me to be. I really don't care, cause I know in the long I won't even know half of these people anymore. I mentally prepared myself for all this shit when I was 14. I'm so ahead of my time. I think some people notice it, but I've been surrounded by so many people who don't keep it real all my life that I'm just used to suckas downing my vision. Having 50% telling me I'm the worst, the other 50% tellin' me I'm the best. I dunno who to believe, so I just say fuck it, and do "me".... whatever it is I do, I just keep it real and be "me" and just have fun doing it. In my mind, that makes me the fucking best. That's what I'm used too. Maybe that's why I seem like such a conceited asshole... cause I have the ability to separate fantasy from reality, cause like I said in a bunch of previous posts, I "KNOW MY PLACE". Which apparently most people lack the ability or have in a way almost tricked themselves to believe they can cause of that stupid childrens book with "The Lil' Train That Could" that taught great courage by making a baby train proceeding to "keep on going" and make it over a big hill, but that's just a book to make lil' kids motivate their newly developing feeble minds to at least to TRY and build you up to never give up on a dream, but everything still comes back down to "KNOW YOUR PLACE".

Anyway... I did this song with my Loco Life fam, now all my secret haters who pretended to be my friend for years and years and years talk shit about me for it. You know the type who at first said you weren't shit, than they tried riding your wave cause they realized you were onto something, whatever that is that you were onto and then they realized you weren't foolish enough to let them, so they dreaded the fact of being left behind by the same visionary they always secretly hated on which they played off for years as just friends "bustin' each others chops", now has a better chance of making a mark on this world through something cooler than a 9 to 5 job. Like these snakes truly think I'm so unintelligent I can't figure out they have alterior motives. I'll amuse them for the time being, but eventually they will learn just like I did, the hard way, to "KNOW YOUR PLACE". Some of these people, I know I went to school with them, but I have no fucking idea who they are, but they know me, cause I'm one of the few in this town that truly put forth effort to do something with my life. It was no real secret to me, cause dead ass, I know what people think about me just through how they communicate with me. You can smile in my face all day, but I'll know the truth. I got these cliche life forms calling ME corny! I'm assuming it's cause I'm white or my voice aint as deep as they want it to be, but either way, they hate on me soooo hard! It's a true display of the term "being hated on". I've always been hated on, but thought I really had my 1st true taste of REAL hate when I first started Wasted Talent. This year though, the hate has definitely risen very noticeably... and we're only 3 months into the year. I guess that's a good thing though... the negative things I been reading on Facebook about me literally have me cackling like a mad scientist. I literally spent the last 45 minutes just reading the hate over and over again and laughing to myself. They got me feeling myself hard. It's truly euphoric knowing that people hate on me cause they wish they were in my shoes. Even if I gave them the chance to be in my shoes, what the fuck would they really do with that chance? I'm willing to bet my right arm, absolutely nothing, cause they don't "KNOW THEIR PLACE".

(Just bare with me as I try and provide detail to explain how these clowns live in their suburban fantasies. I know I might be rambling, but in the end of this post it will all make sense)

So these people are hatin' on me cause I'm an artist who wanted to design clothes and make beats and now I DO all that. I'm also a lifer for customizing toys as by accident I found a secret niche hidden from myself by the likes of Paul Wall. Now I design clothes, make beats, make toys and now... I rap? I literally did one rap song... actually one verse on a rap song... just 4FUN... and I got these clowns around my way hatin'!!!!! I was in kitchen at the funhouse, Ricky Bobby comes in and said "yo, there's room on the track, you wanna do a verse?" I said "yeah, fuck it, why not?" Not knowing a video would be shot right after. Nobody even say "ok, where shooting the video now, they just did it". What you see was all done in like 6 1/2 hours. Not even telling me it's gonna be on the 4FUN Mixtape. Now Hood Chef is like "yo, Sky and Jerzey are coming down from Florida, all the Loco's are gonna be there and your performing at the 4FUN Fund Raiser". I replied with "I am?" I didn't ask to be a rapper, I'm not even pursuing it as a career... can you guess why? Cause I "KNOW MY PLACE". I literally just did it 4FUN, cause I can. I even fucked up my lines at the show last Thursday, but I don't care. I did it just 4FUN. Suckas telling me I'm "GARBAGE" cause I aint kickin' knowledge or some shit they would consider "real hip hop" on some seriously wack ass ol' school beats that they think is cool cause their stuck in 1993 when they thought they were down with the shit and used to still get pussy in highschool. Whether you think my rhymes are weak, I literally didn't spit any false shit on my verse, I didn't kill anybody on the track, I didn't sell crack, nothing like that. I simply rhymed about gettin' money, gettin' honey's and stylin' on them dummies! That's it. I kept it real as I can be.

So with that said, I'm almost positive I'm gonna have absolute nobody's dissin' me on a track to uhhhhh.... I assume to listen to it amongst their friends while taking blunt rides or whatever? I dunno? It's rather flattering though! And exciting at the same time! I might get a whole song about me just cause I spit a 16. That's how fucking awesome I am in this corny town I'm currently living in at the moment (thankfully for only one more day) that people think by dissin' me on a wack ass beat that they're gonna gain some shine or some shit. Like if I lent them my shoes, what the fuck would they do in 'em? Design clothes... how? They cant even draw a stick figure... not to mention, NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY SWAG! Type of niggas that still rock AF1's after they dropped so much money on those weak ass kicks 5 years ago, they never even bothered to upgrade themselves, Thanks Nelly! Make beats... sure, but whether my opinion matters or not, I'm positive it's gonna sound like formulated cliche bullshit. Make toys... how? They weren't able to draw a stick figure, what makes 'em think they can sculpt and paint now? Rap? I heard some of 'em rap, they can't even hold a beat, they wanna be Eminem, Lil' Wayne, you know... the biggest rap stars the worlds ever seen yet. Typical. Yeah, who wouldn't wanna be in their shoes, but be realistic... "KNOW YOUR PLACE". The cliche raps aint gonna get them anywhere, neither is their unoriginality. They can't even network over the internet, what the fuck makes 'em think their gonna make power moves face to face with industry people? They can't even spell, how could they conduct themselves in a professional manner? Their whole logic is so warped. It's cliche formulated gangsta rap that their simple minds were brainwashed by to believe that's what you had to become to "get on". The follower type... not leaders. "KNOW YOUR PLACE". Type of ignants who think life is all about poppin' bottles, speaking Ebonics, gaining street cred trying to become some type of "general of the streets" like we starring in some fucking drug lord movie or some shit. Get real. Get some logic. This is real life. I swear. I promise. But it's just stupid dumb living in denial shit like that I've been surrounded by fakeness all my life... I think more than the average person.

For example, I myself know I haven't even done shit with my life and to have my haters minds run incredibly wild like this with envy is kind of sad, cause it shows how pathetic their lives are that the lil' shit that I did do can upset them. I'm not even 30 yet, I literally got these fucking dudes who could quite possibly be 40 years old and never did shit with anything they wanted to pursue as dream career and they have the audacity to come out their face and down me. Typical. I'm the fucking best. I get it. It comes with the territory. I get it... But in the end, it will ALWAYS come back to this. "KNOW YOUR PLACE". I'm not even 30 yet and I've done things these faggots dreamed of doing since they were adolescents. Their literally gonna die townies while I experience life as I tour the world with my "real" friends. I'll be whatever you want me to be. Keep hatin', I fucking love it.

You can see more photos of the event here.