Monday, October 5, 2009

Raising The Bar

Tonight I had a euphoric moment to myself as something that I helped curate went better then I ever imagined, even though Nasty Nasty and Buddy Leezle didn't get to close out the show cause the speakers blew out 15 minutes into it, but they still came down and supported! (Next show I promise to make it illegally loud) I chilled with so many cool and talented people through out the night. STRANGEco was in the house. Special thanks to everybody who participated in the show, helped us set up during crunch time and came out to show love to Oakland's very first art show solely dedicated to custom designer toys. Another special thanks to TNES of Hippo Esthetics, Leecifer and Chelsea Rae for hookin' me up with some cool gifts. Check out some of the opening in this video by Wasted Talent's very own representative Kreayshawn, who came super late, but she's still one of dopest girls in the world... and her twin sister "Jordan". Your the fucking best too! The 2nd video is by my homie HMD who is a producer/DJ/smoove mutha fucka!

Also with over 100+ additional photos and info from the show, go check out the Terminal22 blog here. Then go buy or vote on some custom toys here.

Check the dope write up we got on Spanky Stokes too, here.

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