Friday, October 30, 2009


The twins be mobbin'.
The subwoofers knockin'.
Always smokin' and shoppin'.
Got the Wasted Talent rockin'.
One hundred percent cotton.
The Nike Dunks Stompin'.
Shades for the hater blockin'.
Incase the D's are watchin'.
Whole style is mockin'.
Eyeliner for the toppin'.
Got the hood niggas boppin'.
The same niggas hoes jockin'.
Stuntin' aint an option.
It's more of a problem.
Stuntin' aint an option.
It's more of a problem.

Big shout out to the twins Natassia and Jordan for showing love and doing cool shit like this for me! You know I fucking love this shit! Natassia is a solo independent film production team called Kreayshawn Productions. You can check out some her videos here. She is perfect for any upcoming artist/musician with limited funds who wants cool videos for more exposure. She does it all from the filming to the editing and does it all at a fast past, so hit her for work. She's dope at what she does. TRUST!

Also, peep out these 3 links real quick of me and Task chillin' out with Brett Amory at his studio, went to lunch with Leecifer to later visit his artistic realm of dopeness and the last is of some pics of Me and Task 1's first real collabo for the Rollie Show which is today, so if your in Queens, check it out! I spent $120 to overnight that bitch there! And I'll be posting more pics up of my customs for the 3D CANVAS show at a later date cause I broke my camera again... and I'm just super busy in general. I'm putting in work! I'll show you how to do this sonnnn!

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