Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I just sold my "Piranha Plant 2010" that I made out of STRANGEco's "Oink Le Rouge" pig character (on the left) today. If you look close, you'll see how I utilized the shapes that was provided without barely changing the original "production" color of the toy.

You can buy more 1 of a kind customs of mine here. Their are also some other great 1 of a kind customized pieces from vinyl to plush for sale too, so don't sleep!

I also trooped all the way down to Kidrobot SF today by myself for the 1st time since I moved out to Oakland. AND I MEAN TROOPED! I love SF to death, but those hills are the fuckin' worst! So my mission was to get a Mega Munny from the Kidrobot SF store for the Multiversal Group Show, which is probably gonna be one of the biggest shows that I've ever been invited to participate in, so my goal is blow Sket One's mind... and the whole customizing community in general, but particularly him, mainly cause it was his customs that intrigued me so much that I wanted to create my first Munny back in 2007. This is gonna be a "How Ya Like Me Now?" Kool Moe Dee moment.

So yeah, like a crazy bastard who is gonna really have no life soon with all the projects I'm taking on, like the other 2 Munny's I'm collaborating on with Task 1 for the Art Basel, Terminal22's "Light Up" Show in Dec, Genuine Artikle's Custom Qee show in Dec, I'm trying to still get that big secret project I'm working on by Dec, maybe I'll just bust it out the 1st month of the 2010, I think I'm getting in a Custom "Vivasect Playset" Show coming up which is based on a blind boxed toy by STRANGEco, I'm doing another Mega Munny collaboration with Nerviswrek for his solo show, a meeting with a local skateboard company to see if I can create some limited edition skate decks, finish up this Koibito, a few 3" Dunny's and I still gotta finalize and introduce this new team for Wasted Talent. So much, so much, so much... just stay tuned. I promise, when I always said "the shit is just gonna get sicka and sicka", I meant it!

Now... I'm gonna go lay in bed and draw out new shirt designs 'til 4am. ;)

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hirobot said...

Oooooo ... I love them! Too cute!