Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Reallyest!

Lil' Wayne gets blogged about on every blog site and I swore I wouldn't do it unless he was wearing Wasted Talent or something, but this was just too real not to post. EVEN THOUGH, if it was what everybody thinks it was (Sprite mixed with cough syrup containing Codeine and Promethazine) I don't agree with drinking that shit cause it basically fucks up your immune system, you'll eventually have to be a pillhead or some shit and I don't fuck with ANY man made drugs, not even Tylenol. Not that I need that shit anyway, cause I never got a real headache in my whole entire life. But yeah, it really is none of ya God damn business! BITCH!

p.s. He keeps dabbing the towel on his lip cause he busted himself with his own mic while he was performing before this interview.

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